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décoratrice d'intérieur sur marseille et region paca
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Why use an interior decorator?

Your interior designer will bring you a fresh look on your interior, materials, volumes, colors, decoration, layout ....


It will help you to arrange your future furniture, kitchen, bathroom to optimize the surface of your room.


His expertise allows him to offer you a choice of colors, furniture, coatings, new and relevant ideas.


Your decorator has an address book of manufacturers of furniture, designers, bathroom and kitchen designers with whom you will benefit from preferential rates.


How it works?

  • Your decorator analyzes your needs, your budget in order to choose the coverings, the choice of colors, the layout, the decoration and the furniture.

  • Your interior designer makes innovative and clever proposals to enhance and maximize the beauty of your home.

  • At the end of this appointment, your decorator shares her ideas, her choices, her decorating tips


Step 1

Go to your home with our Home Decor Advisor

Step 2

If you wish to proceed your decoration project

  • Go back to your home or a "decorating partner" for a complete study of your interior design project.

  • Your decorator offers you personalized visuals of your new decoration thanks to professional catalogs, color charts and samples of materials.

  • Your decorator helps you plan your purchases of decoration and furniture by opening his address book of manufacturers, designers, resellers with whom we have been working for more than 20 years.

  • It directs you towards clever, economical choices that will perfectly fit into your existing ambience.


  • We take care of everything, delivery, installation if necessary new furniture.

  • The setting in atmosphere for the final touch of the decorator.

Step 3

Realization of your new decoration | kitchen | bathroom

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